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It is almost impossible to think of any vertical market that does not make use of software.

A quick look at a non-comprehensive list would include business fields, such as: architecture, aviation, banking, construction, computer games, e-commerce, education, governmental services, healthcare, human resources, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, media and entertainment, mobile applications / games, project management, real estate, sourcing and procurement, telecommunications, tourism, travel, and many more.

The vision of SWExperts is to possess key software development expertise and know-how, making possible to deliver solutions with the highest demand and most wide-spread use among vertical markets. These core expertise areas of SWExperts are Web development, Software-as-a-Service / Cloud solutions, Mobile development and User experience consulting.

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Our Key Expertise Areas

Web Development

Today, every business has a website – browsed anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Cloud Solutions

Software in the cloud is expected to account for 85% of all software solutions sold in the near future.

Mobile Development

With more than one billion mobile devices globally – no business anymore without a mobile strategy.

User Experience

Effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction, in other words, User Experience is what it ultimately counts.

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